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About Flagstaff Stargazing Adventures

Shooting Star

When Night Falls, and the Skies are Clear!

Flagstaff Stargazing Adventures, LLC was officially formed in 2022 as a rebranding of Southwest Conservation Adventures, but we have been conducting stargazing tours in Flagstaff since 2018. We remain the only dedicated "backcountry" stargazing service in Flagstaff, AZ and are partnered with the famous Lowell Observatory. 

Our mission is to provide unique, one of a kind, stargazing experiences in an educational, entertaining, and family-friendly manner. 

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The latest in telescope and deep space imaging technology

We implement the latest technology in consumer grade telescopes and deep space imaging. On our stargazing tours, you will be able to see live-streamed images of deep space objects directly on your phone or tablet!

Once in a lifetime Experiences 

From our Stargazing and Astrophotography tour to overnight star parties like you have never seen before, Flagstaff Stargazing Adventures has something new for everyone. 


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